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Piano Notes 
Matthew C. Wiencke Piano Lessons
What Inspires You This Summer?

“Reflets dans l’eau” (Reflections in the water)By Claude DebussyMarc-André Hamelin, piano 

“Pathetique” Sonata, first movementBy Ludwig Van BeethovenVladimir Askhenazy, piano

“Route 66″Dan Popek, piano 


Piano Tips – How to Play “Softly” 

Playing soft notes on the piano well is an important skill. It takes patience, concentration, and control to master it. When you do it well, it is amazing!

The music term for soft is “piano” or “p”. “Pianissimo” or “pp” means very soft.

Here are some tips to create your own soft sounds of Piano and Pianissimo:

1. When you’re working on a part of your piece that is marked soft or “p”, practice one hand at a time.

2. Use more of a gentle touch. Keep hands, fingers, wrists relaxed.

3. Keep your fingers as close to the keys as possible. Use as little motion as possible. Use the weight of your arm to move each finger smoothly. 

**The key is to use the weight of your arm to move your fingers forward.

4. Play the right hand part alone. See how quiet you can play the notes while still making sound. 

Do the same with your left hand alone.

Then play both hands.

By practicing the four steps, you then can achieve good control and beautiful soft sounds.

Another Quote for Thought

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

~Thomas Edison

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