Newsletter – July 2020

Piano Notes 
Matthew C. Wiencke
Creating Beautiful Music Together – Summer 2020
Thank you for participating in the Refer A Friend Campaign the month of June! We always appreciate your kind referrals of new piano students. With the summer months ahead of us and summer camps at a minimum, we are happy we can offer the gift of music in an adaptable, easy online setting. We continue to create! 

Quote for Thought
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  ~Albert Einstein           

Memorizing Piano Music 

There are lots of good tips to help you memorize your piano pieces. Here are a few:


Simply playing a piece over and over makes you more familiar with it. You also start memorizing it naturally in three ways: 

Visual memory: memorizing what the piece looks like on the page

Touch memory: how the keys feel like with your fingers while you play

Hearing: memorizing the sound of the music in your head

Slow It Down:

Slowing a piece down helps you recognize all the little details that are happening. You start memorizing those details. 

Playing at a slower tempo (speed) with a metronome is good too. That will help you keep a consistent beat.

Look for Patterns:

Look for repeated patterns, something that is played the same way two, three, or four times. 

For example, the same set of broken chords in the left hand, over and over. Or the same melody line played twice in the right hand.

Sing the melody:

Sing the melody. This will help you memorize it in your head. It also helps you remember the beginning and end of a melody line.

Listen to lots of music:

Listen to music you enjoy. Pick out two or three pieces and listen to them many times. You’ll find yourself memorizing them naturally. 

More New Music on Website

We just posted a new recording of music on our Home page

J.S. Bach. French Suite no. 4 in E-flat major: Allemande

Let me know if you would like to learn this song!